Sunday, May 28, 2006

A few thoughts... answers on a postcard!

1) Why is a glass of water always half full, but a glass of wine is usually half empty - if not entirely so?

2) What are the Red Arrows actually trained to DO?

3) Am I a chav if I think the Beckhams seem quite nice actually?

4) Can we introduce fines for misuse of the apostrophe by a state funded organisation (the BBC for instance)?

5) Is it unacceptable to tell someone that the reason that they didn't get the job was their spoken grammar?

6) If fattening food tastes good, and "slim food" doesn't - is it actually the calories that create flavour?

7) Is it easier to be weird or normal?

8) Who invented beige?

9) When is the pale and interesting look going to come back into fashion?

10) Has anything ever devalued a bunch of flowers so much as selling them in garages?

11) Why do pretty shoes always hurt?


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