Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ghana baby yeah!

So I know I am neglectful. A man appears in my life and he takes centre stage immediately. One of the effects of this (but by no means the most severe!) is that my blog goes quiet for weeks (months?)

Well the man is no more, but now I have an even better trick up my sleeve!!

I am off to Ghana! To build a school, or toilet block, or whatever they decide they need!

I am going on a three month sabbatical from work next summer on half pay (god I love my company!), and up until now couldnt decide what to do (I think just "going travelling" with little purpose is a little bit of a waste of time).

So I found these guys:, and am heading off on their career break 5 week project to Ghana, followed by the 21 day Mad to Timbuktu adventure.

How cool!

Now to raise the money to go...


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