Monday, May 29, 2006

Poor little moggies

Oh deary me. I have posted an advert for my two darling cats on Freecycle (see: and have had a couple of interested people coming back! Oh deary me! That makes it real that my boys are going to have to leave me.

Oh damn my asthma.

I have been telling them that they are getting a new home and a new family, just so it doesn't come as a shock, but they don't seem to be taking me seriously.

Add to that the fact that they have become incredibly soppy lately and I am really sad to be giving them away.

I have told the people who have responded to the ad that they need to come and meet the boys to see if they hit it off, and then I will be visiting their house as well, to make sure they will be happy. I don't care if they find that insulting. These are my boys and I don't think anyone should give away a family pet without seeing where it is going first.

Oh deary me!


Emily Wearmouth said...

Now why have two people emailed me and said they have left comments when they haven't?

Is this working?

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