Tuesday, June 27, 2006

DYI - Do Yourself an Injury

I got into my DIY groove today - basically attempting to make my entire living room white (its not going to stay white you understand, but just to get things away from being stained yellow)...

Anyway, there I am, standing on a ladder, reaching up and painting, bopping away to my iPod on shuffle.... when on comes Outcast, Hey Ya!

So I continue to get on down to the funky music, while on my ladder, painting away. Until he says "now don't have me break this thing down for nothing". OK I say...

And I shake it, shake it, shake it..... and fall off the ladder.

And in a heap on the floor, contemplating the situtation I nearly wee myself laughing.

DIY aint that bad after all! :-)

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lady miss marquise said...

I attempted the whole DIY thing the other day with a new IKEA wardrobe, and although I don't naturally speak IKEA, I threw on some Killers and made a brave attempt. Than watched it wobble. And wobble some more... bloody DIY.

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