Sunday, June 11, 2006

Emily 1 - Laurel bush 0

So today, despite the fact that it was 30 degrees, I thought it would be the perfect day to dig up one of the 5 laurel bushes that litter my front garden. Great, I thought, I will finally crack on with getting the buggers out, having denuded them of their leaves months ago when summer first tried to make an appearance.

Only 30 degree heat, it seems, is not ideal laurel-removing weather.

Not to be defeated I persevered, sweat dripping off my face, grunting with exertion in front of all my slightly bemused neighbours. After chucking two buckets of water at it to stand a chance of digging through soil rather than dust, and then shovelling mud for a few hours to reveal a few ropey looking roots.... I found the daddy. The big daddy root which appeared to serve as foundations, supply chain and god to this shrub.

Jump in the car. Drive round to raid mum's greenhouse and steal the garden saw (rather vicious looking item - don't mess with it). 10 minutes into sawing (yes 10 minutes. It seems heaven-sent garden saw struggles with a mere 4" diameter root) I contemplate my sweaty hand and wonder whether , if I lose a limb in the process, I can ever claim to have beaten the bush, even if I succeed in its eviction. Then finally, without much fanfare, I am through! Yes! I think... got the bastard now....

Ahem, an hour later I am still digging, finding a few more seemingly inconsequential roots which succumb with little fight to the "loppers".

And then I start to dance with it. A few sways together, a grunt from me, a nonchalent shrug from the bush.

And I win.

I look up and down the road to share my victory with a proud nod at a passer-by... and there isnt a soul in sight.

The entire population of Glebe Road chooses to walk past while I am grunting to no avail but when succcess smiles on me there isn't a soul to witness my jubilation.


And there are another 4 of them still to go.

And I have blisters on my hands and sunburnt shoulders.

But I am still wonder woman, sworn enemy of the laurel, and I will triumph.

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Meghu said...

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