Friday, July 21, 2006


I am looking for a name.

The name is going to be given to a phenomeonmomenninein. Phenomenon. (???)
Anyway, it is.

To describe this pheononeminipenkm... its people who post comments on blogs, or actually its probably more likely to be automated, but anyway, these comments are the new spam.

I just got 40 comments to my blog last night. Yes this blog. The comments are all highly complementary:

"I love your blog, keep up the good work"
"This is the best blog - its on my favourites"

You tend to get multiples of each message, and I get hit every few weeks. At first I would get 3 messages, then 10 now 40!! Tellingly, they are all posted by anonamous (spelling there is probably as good as my spelling on phoeoneomeonoen).

Stop spamming my blog (and by default my inbox!)

Genuine comments only please (but lots of them please as I launch the competition...)

We have had spam, phishing, pharming.... whats this going to be called? Or does it already have a name? Answers in comments please! :-)


hauke said...

According to Wikipedia it's called blog spam or comment spam. Wikipedia also lists a few solutions. Hope this helps. Good luck with your fight against spam!

Anonymous said...

"blamming" or something along those lines

Emily Wearmouth said...

ooooh - anonymous... whossat?

Emily Wearmouth said...

Ha ha - thanks Hauke. After a quick read of Wikipedia I had a brainwave and went to check out what Blogger has to say.

You will now see I have word identification on my comments. Ponder that one spamnmers!!! HAHAHAA (evil, world conquering laugh).

Katy Ludditt said...

After phishing and pharming, surely the next big thing has to be phorrestry?

I just can't quite pin down the definition...any thoughts?

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