Thursday, July 20, 2006


Today I had a fabulous day.

It was my birthday you see.

It had all the signs of potentially being crap, with the parentals being on holiday, and having to go to work, and all that....

But so many people did such nice things, not massive things, but really nice things, that I had a fabulous day. Probably the best birthday I can remember.

A bunch of flowers delivered to my desk at work.
Lunch bought by the boss.
A friend out in the carribbean remembering the day and logging into IM to say a long distant happy birthday
A long distance call from Canada.
Hilarious presents from a pal.
Funny birthday emails from a client and a new friend.
A birthday card through the post from a long lost friend.
Drinks in the sun at the end of the day.
Dinner and a gossip with some very close friends.
Did I mention the bunch of flowers...?
A big hug from my birthday twin

And more celebrations to look forward to on the weekend.


A good start to my new quarter century.

Thanks everyone :-)


Elle said...

I'm glad you had such a good day!! Was there good gossip over dinner? :)

Emily Wearmouth said...

Actually the thing that sticks much more than the gossip... is the fact that our waitress TWICE asked Amy where her skirt was from. And even when she wasn't asking about it she was staring enviously at it.

It was a pretty skirt... but was it THAT pretty??

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