Monday, September 18, 2006


So today, everytime I stood up from my desk I nearly collapsed, as it became obvious that I had become crippled.

Yes, disabled.

The reason? It appears that my big afternoon of heavy gardening was actually 4 hours of squats. Literally. Squats while shovelling, and my thighs have given up the ghost.

Gardening is the gym and a masochistic personal trainer in disguise.


Oh, but on a better subject - HOW good is Spooks? Love the series-start double episode. Absolutely terrifying and brilliant. If you don't watch it already - start on Monday, 9pm, BBC1.

MI5 not 9-to-5

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Chele said...

We used to have Spooks here as well, but for some reason they pulled the show after the first season!! I have just discovered a replacement - Alias with Jennifer Garner. Its not quite up to MI-5's standards but it will have to do for now. I am so jealous!

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