Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A few unrelated observations on my day

1) Everyone in the first class carriage in the morning (with the exception of cheeky me) is male. Is the first class carriage the last bastion of men? Is it that only men think that a first class ticket is worth the money? (think of all the shoes and good wine you could buy!) Or is it that only men HAVE enough money? (the pay divide remains you know). Perhaps its that noone has a ticket and only men (and I) are cheeky enough to sit in there. Its a mystery, but its bothered me all day.

2) I thought my iPod had been stolen, for all of 3 seconds today. Then I realised that I could still hear Fat Boy Slim, and therefore it was still plugged into my ears. And therefore it had not, as first assumed, been stolen. Is the iPod the new glasses? (or am I the only one who, as a fulltime, lifelong glasses wearer STILL walks around the house looking for glasses that I am wearing?)

3) I can now confirm that the latest trend, pomegranite juice, is actually deeelish! Yummy yummy and aparently very good for me. Why? Not sure... hold on and I will Google... Here we go. According to The Times "fight heart disease, protect unborn babies from brain abnormalities, such as spina bifida, lower blood pressure and to help cushion menopause symptoms, increase fertility and prevent erectile dysfunction." Ok so some will be of more use to me that others. But still.... its yummy.

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Rob said...

The only time I've gone first class has been when I've been down to London, but that was because my old employer paid. I agree that it's mostly men, although I have seen the odd business woman wearing something smart, but I suspect this is because the majority of people that travel first class get it paid for by the company, and almost all the people I know that travel as part of their job are male. I could also argue that men want the extra leg room, rather than being cramped or having to stand in standard class. Have you been in the first class lounge in Paddington? It's not amazing, but it's certainly a good place to hang around when waiting for a train, with free biscuits, orange juice, and cans of coke. I think you've already answered your own question though, women realise they can spend the money on more important things like shoes. Men and women have different ideas of luxury.

Which FBS track were you listening to? I had Weapon of Choice stuck in my head on the way home, which was really odd as I was playing a Zero 7 CD at the time!

I tend to avoid juice unless it's apple or orange, the rest generally taste icky. You're right that protecting unborn babies and cushioning menopause symptoms will be of more use to you than me, but then again I don't have a problem with erectile dysfunction either ;)

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