Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bicycle ..... race!

So despite the fact that I got home at 10pm - I just went for a bike ride!

How good am I? :-)

Making full use of my little place in the country!

Leaving comments

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Poor little moggies

Oh deary me. I have posted an advert for my two darling cats on Freecycle (see: www.Freecycle.org) and have had a couple of interested people coming back! Oh deary me! That makes it real that my boys are going to have to leave me.

Oh damn my asthma.

I have been telling them that they are getting a new home and a new family, just so it doesn't come as a shock, but they don't seem to be taking me seriously.

Add to that the fact that they have become incredibly soppy lately and I am really sad to be giving them away.

I have told the people who have responded to the ad that they need to come and meet the boys to see if they hit it off, and then I will be visiting their house as well, to make sure they will be happy. I don't care if they find that insulting. These are my boys and I don't think anyone should give away a family pet without seeing where it is going first.

Oh deary me!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A few thoughts... answers on a postcard!

1) Why is a glass of water always half full, but a glass of wine is usually half empty - if not entirely so?

2) What are the Red Arrows actually trained to DO?

3) Am I a chav if I think the Beckhams seem quite nice actually?

4) Can we introduce fines for misuse of the apostrophe by a state funded organisation (the BBC for instance)?

5) Is it unacceptable to tell someone that the reason that they didn't get the job was their spoken grammar?

6) If fattening food tastes good, and "slim food" doesn't - is it actually the calories that create flavour?

7) Is it easier to be weird or normal?

8) Who invented beige?

9) When is the pale and interesting look going to come back into fashion?

10) Has anything ever devalued a bunch of flowers so much as selling them in garages?

11) Why do pretty shoes always hurt?

Tree hugger

Me hugging a tree!

Everyone has one good book in them...

After numerous first chapters (remind me to wipe the desktop of my laptop before I die so noone ever knows quite how many unsuccessful and often over-indulgent first chapters there were!), I have worked out what my book is going to be!! You know, the one we all have in us somewhere?

Of course I can't tell you what the idea is, that would just be silly. Someone would doubtless steal my idea and beat me too it. Its far too good an idea for that. The genius thing is, it could even be a good enough idea that it will survive my lack of writing ability, and my fickle nature (and inevitable abandonment!) to make it to the best sellers list! (Aim for the stars and you may reach the sun!)

I have already written, well not quite the first chapter, but the beginning of the prologue at least.

Genius. J.K. Rowling's success will be mine (note: my book does NOT involve wizardry of any kind!)

Ghana baby yeah!

So I know I am neglectful. A man appears in my life and he takes centre stage immediately. One of the effects of this (but by no means the most severe!) is that my blog goes quiet for weeks (months?)

Well the man is no more, but now I have an even better trick up my sleeve!!

I am off to Ghana! To build a school, or toilet block, or whatever they decide they need!

I am going on a three month sabbatical from work next summer on half pay (god I love my company!), and up until now couldnt decide what to do (I think just "going travelling" with little purpose is a little bit of a waste of time).

So I found these guys: www.madventurer.com, and am heading off on their career break 5 week project to Ghana, followed by the 21 day Mad to Timbuktu adventure.

How cool!

Now to raise the money to go...

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