Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Clever thinking!

You see to many, my food intake today would be seen as a break from the diet.

But that is narrow minded.

Actually what I have just done is given my metabolism the required boost to power through everything I eat for the next 7 days. Lovely. Pure genius! ;-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Me - just so I can put a piccy in my profile

Me at Henley a couple of years ago.

DYI - Do Yourself an Injury

I got into my DIY groove today - basically attempting to make my entire living room white (its not going to stay white you understand, but just to get things away from being stained yellow)...

Anyway, there I am, standing on a ladder, reaching up and painting, bopping away to my iPod on shuffle.... when on comes Outcast, Hey Ya!

So I continue to get on down to the funky music, while on my ladder, painting away. Until he says "now don't have me break this thing down for nothing". OK I say...

And I shake it, shake it, shake it..... and fall off the ladder.

And in a heap on the floor, contemplating the situtation I nearly wee myself laughing.

DIY aint that bad after all! :-)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Why citizen journalism is nonsense

So we are all being lead to believe that the traditional media is facing a giant and uncontrollable threat from a new breed of "citizen journalists".

Apparently these new novice hacks are changing the way news is reported, through sending pictures from cameraphones to the BBC, and writing blogs.

Now I was pondering....

If they are sending their pictures to the BBC then that's hardly undermining the traditional media as we know it. Media is an outlet for content, whomever's content. So in this instance Citizen Journalists are just a pest to professional photographers, or just a blessing to any editor looking to illustrate a good story.

The other side - blogs - is also utter nonsense. I don't think I have yet found a blog that is in anyway readable on a regular basis that is NOT written by a journalist. So no change in the power and the wordsmithing.

What a load of nonsense over nothing.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Its going to be so beautiful!! Picture it....

End of September.

Elle and I.

Driving a Morgan +8 down through France.

Staying in a villa on the south coast.

And then meandering back up through France.

Chic ROAD TRIP!!!! Thelma and Louise eat your heart out!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fat bird

There is a really fat pigeon in my neighbourhood (can you have a neighbourhood pigeon?) and when he lands on the TV aerials on the houses behind mine he makes the whole thing shake and rattle. I worry they may come off. And then I worry that the pigeon knows it is fat, and whether it is unhappy?

Role reversal

So I know that over the last couple of weeks I have definitely stood my own in the partying stakes....

Last Friday was BIG

Last night wasn't small for a Thursday

But I just called my mum at 8pm on a Friday night, having just watered my whole garden... and she answered saying...

"I am actually in the middle of a party, can I pop round tomorrow at some point?"

That told me.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Last stop Peterborough

I am now officially a commuter.

I have now woken up, drunk, at the end of the line.

Unfortunately for me, I chose to do it in style - sleeping from around about Alexandra Palace (if not before) right through until five people were banging on the train window telling me to get off.

"No no, its fine - I am going to Hitchin" I say

"End of the line" they say

"Thats strange" say I, "where is that then"

Now I should really explain at this point that Peterborough is somewhere I am very familiar with. Its always the name on the end of the trains, so I grew up knowing of Peterborough. As it turned out when I came to be there, I realised I had never actually visited the place, or perhaps even seen it on a map. I know its north of me but how far?

As my train had been the last from Kings Cross it was by this point 3am. Some man was telling me that the next train back was in 30 mins. I hadnt woken up enough to work that out at all, and was faintly aware that if I got back on a train I would fall asleep again and wake up in Kings Cross. And I REALLY needed to go to bed.

So a cab it would have to be. Turns out that its about an hours drive away and £60 later, feeling rather nausious I rocked up home. Having watched dawn break from the back of a minicab.

So now I am feeling very proud. Initiation over, I am now a fully paid up member of the young professional commuter clan. My badge is in the post :-)

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Aparently we won.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Its hard, but sometimes in life you have to acknowledge that your boss is nice.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My site as a graph

Cool - and thanks for the link Charles!

This is my website, doncha know.

And with summer... come the moths

Flapperty flap flap.


Does anything have less spatial awareness than the moth? Give yourself some room for god's sake! Compared to you my room is cavernous so stop bashing against the walls!!!

Perfection takes you by surprise

Don't you just love it when your dip and your crisps run out at exactly the same time?

The same satisfaction can be applied to the following limited list, indicating just how special an occurance it really is:

- conditioner running out at the same time as shampoo (when does that EVER happen?)
- waking up with a hangover and realising you managed not to drunkernly text anyone the night before
- remembering to put your bin down on a Tuesday night when you are working from home the next day, and then being woken up by the bin men and being able to smile at the ceiling that this week you won't be running out to meet them in your PJs and have to beg them to pick up your bin which wasnt out on time (Seriously these people get off on strange things!)

Ahhh... sometimes life holds moments of perfection.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Emily 1 - Laurel bush 0

So today, despite the fact that it was 30 degrees, I thought it would be the perfect day to dig up one of the 5 laurel bushes that litter my front garden. Great, I thought, I will finally crack on with getting the buggers out, having denuded them of their leaves months ago when summer first tried to make an appearance.

Only 30 degree heat, it seems, is not ideal laurel-removing weather.

Not to be defeated I persevered, sweat dripping off my face, grunting with exertion in front of all my slightly bemused neighbours. After chucking two buckets of water at it to stand a chance of digging through soil rather than dust, and then shovelling mud for a few hours to reveal a few ropey looking roots.... I found the daddy. The big daddy root which appeared to serve as foundations, supply chain and god to this shrub.

Jump in the car. Drive round to raid mum's greenhouse and steal the garden saw (rather vicious looking item - don't mess with it). 10 minutes into sawing (yes 10 minutes. It seems heaven-sent garden saw struggles with a mere 4" diameter root) I contemplate my sweaty hand and wonder whether , if I lose a limb in the process, I can ever claim to have beaten the bush, even if I succeed in its eviction. Then finally, without much fanfare, I am through! Yes! I think... got the bastard now....

Ahem, an hour later I am still digging, finding a few more seemingly inconsequential roots which succumb with little fight to the "loppers".

And then I start to dance with it. A few sways together, a grunt from me, a nonchalent shrug from the bush.

And I win.

I look up and down the road to share my victory with a proud nod at a passer-by... and there isnt a soul in sight.

The entire population of Glebe Road chooses to walk past while I am grunting to no avail but when succcess smiles on me there isn't a soul to witness my jubilation.


And there are another 4 of them still to go.

And I have blisters on my hands and sunburnt shoulders.

But I am still wonder woman, sworn enemy of the laurel, and I will triumph.

I got no strings... to hold me down

Today I joined the wireless populous. A little late perhaps for someone who is supposed to be a wireless technology specialist, but my fab friend David has given me a wireless router, and - perhaps more importantly - set it all up so right now I am out in my garden, eating noodles, drinking wine, and blogging on my computer!

Ah, this is why we should all love the 21st century!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Can't be trusted

Oh and while I am here - I have a word of advice.

Never dress yourself based on BBC weather forecasts.

25 degrees my ****!!


Happily ever after

I got an email from Tom and Jasper today. They spent their first night in their new home sleeping in the dining room, but have also established that the landing gives them the perfect view of the dog in the hall - excellent for showing the dog who is boss.

And aparently we had Tom all wrong - he has been bossing Jasper around!! Deciding where he is and isn't allowed to sit!

Sounds like they will be happy, which is good as I have been crying like a baby and its very uncivilised!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bye bye moggies

Tom and Jasper have a new home, and they move in tomorrow.

Their new family is lovely (despite the fact that they have a large dog, but they will just have to get used to that).

I haven't told the boys yet because I am worried they will look at me sadly, but I have got their carry cases out of the shed so they can start to get hints.

I will cry tomorrow....


A little sun!

Yay!! Its June and its sunny!!

And I just fell asleep in the garden (no mum I still haven't mown my lawn!) and am now a little pink. Oooops!

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