Thursday, September 21, 2006

We're off!!

Tomorrow we are off. I am pretending to pack but will probably end up doing it tomorrow morning before work.

Versailles, Paris, Epernay, Reims.

I need this holiday so badly, and I am REALLY looking forward to it!!!

If I can motivate myself to ever come back I will tell you all about it!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

OK, so they may be sad, but they are funny

A fellow blogger lead me to this today:

Someone, who must have a lot of time on their hands, has merged together Bush's speeches and got him singing U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Absolutely intruiging, and rather amusing when he does a bit of a soft shoe shuffle in the video.

Monday, September 18, 2006


So today, everytime I stood up from my desk I nearly collapsed, as it became obvious that I had become crippled.

Yes, disabled.

The reason? It appears that my big afternoon of heavy gardening was actually 4 hours of squats. Literally. Squats while shovelling, and my thighs have given up the ghost.

Gardening is the gym and a masochistic personal trainer in disguise.


Oh, but on a better subject - HOW good is Spooks? Love the series-start double episode. Absolutely terrifying and brilliant. If you don't watch it already - start on Monday, 9pm, BBC1.

MI5 not 9-to-5

Sunday, September 17, 2006

There's life in the old dog...

I am particularly proud of myself this morning. I came home at 2.30am.

I can still do it.


I went to Dan's birthday drinks. He lives down my road with Sarah, his wife who I also used to go to school with. The are both my age and she is pregnant with their fourth baby - rather scary!!!

The drinks were really good fun though. There were some really nice people there, mainly from Sarah's NCT group, with their husbands, and they all live near me (one great couple live just down Glebe Road).

And then I came home to watch the final of "How to do you solve a problem like Maria" and Connie won!! Yay! :-) All my votes weren't wasted!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Youth of today

I don't understand the youth of today.

As I was walking into the station today about 30 kids were walking out and getting on minibuses outside. This is not unusual. The buses take them to a private day school in town.

The private school is a little bizarre. The kids call their teachers by their first name and there is no uniform. The sultan of brunai's son went.

Anyway a closer look at these kids revealed what looked like a fancy dress day at the school. But then it dawned on me. They had chosen to wear these things because it made them cool in their society.

Now I know we all looked pretty bad at times in our youth. Braces, greasy fringes, lumberjack shirts - need I go on?? But these kids looked like pantomime dames! I don't think even topshop sells this stuff.

I am baffled.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Some Jonathan Ross comments

I have watched a couple of films recently that deserve comment:

1) Brokeback mountain
- Couldn't understand a world they said
- Anyone else think that Heath Ledger will be the spitting image of Harvey Keitel when he grows up?

2) Thelma and Louise
- Really needs no comment but...
"Jeez Louise" - Road trip here we come - two weeks and counting!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Tis hot.

Supposed to be digging over the front garden but its too hot.

And its MY sunday, and I don't WANT to dig over the garden today. It will still be there next weekend.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Action: please read the blog

Today I told a funny story over Sunday dinner with the family.

It involved a time when I was dancing while up a ladder doing DIY, and I fell off.

Now regular readers will be familiar with this story. It can be found here in the archives in all its humourous glory.

So, parentals, please start to read the blog. Look on the bright side - if I think you have read all my anecdotes then I won't have to talk so much.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wearmouth - the talk show

If I were to host a talk show, these are the people I would interview in my first week:

- Jonathan Ross
- Dawn French
- Elton John
- Bloody John Prescott

- Music from Jools Holland

If the talk show were to take place in a gap in the space/time continuum (sorry my star trek spelling has never been up to much) , and the people could be dead, it would be those people:

- Marilyn Monroe
- Winston Churchill
- Mohammed Ali in his fighting days

- Music from the Beatles

All of the following would feature in the rest of the series:

- John Cleese
- Alan Bennett
- Terry Wogan
- Jenny Eclair
- George Bush
- Peter Kay
- Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds (on the same week)
- Mother Theresa
- The Queen and Prince Harry (on the same week)
- Kate Moss
- Oliver Reed
- Marie Antoinette

Who would you have on your talk show?

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