Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So today I have spent the day hanging around Bondi and Coogee beaches. And about to head off home before going out to a drive-in cinema tonight (how non-English can you get?)

Having the best time (except having to mentally adjust to the idea that cockroaches are not a big deal here). Highlights so far include (in the order I am thinking of them, so probably reverse chronological):

1) Spending the day sailing in Sydney harbour
2) The party on my first night in Sydney on a roof top with a view over the opera house, harbour and bridge. Watching the sun go down (and the fabulous malaysian take away we ate around 2am)
3) Kat and Matt's beautiful wedding (and the after party which wrapped at 7am - I caved at sun rise)
4) The beach at Dunsborough in Margaret River. Stunning
5) Seeing a kangaroo (ok, it was slightly mangled and dead by the roadside, but hopeful of seeing live ones on Thursday)
6) Catching up with Darby, Kate, Kat, Matt and Kenny (Tom and Angie still to come...)
7) Plucking up the courage to go swimming in their SCARY sea here
8) Lots of shopping
9) The sun
10) 3 weeks off work!! ;-)
11) The ferries in Sydney harbour. Done the neutral harbour one a couple of times, but braving the manly waves again tomorrow!
12) The margaret river wine tour.... and the wine!
13) The chain of shops called "General Pants Co". Ahem.

Still to come:
1) drive in cinema
2) Seeing Manly
3) full day trip south of Sydney to see LOADS of things including koalas and kangaroos.

Fabulous. Taken nearly 300 photos! Whoops!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Postcard from Oz

Sat here in Perth airport, waiting to fly to Sydney.

Just had a fabulous two weeks. Beautiful wedding. Fabulous weather. Stunning beaches. Excellent wine. Amazing exchange rate ;-)

Photos will follow when I return (but lets not think about returning yet - lots more to do in Sydney yet!!)

Can't stop long - only 4 mins left on the clock in the internet cafe. But rest assured. Your Pondering blogger is alive, well, and very happy.

.... oh, and slightly tempted to emigrate ;-)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quiche Lorraine

Jim is no man. He just ate quiche.

It was nice though.

(Jim now wants me to make it clear that he tried to pretend he didn't want quiche. Vaguely protested even. But, after no pressure from me at all, he said, "do you know what, I do fancy quiche". So we had it.)

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