Friday, December 29, 2006


So today the British government electronically wired to washington the final repayment of our war debts (yeah - thanks "allies"). Over the last 60 years they have, on numerous occasions, hampered our economic development ('50s, 60's and 70's all saw defered payments as we couldn't make ends meet...)

So does this mean we can finally stick two fingers up at our friends across the pond, and tell them where to jump?

Today's news....

So folks, today is short because I got up late, watched telly, popped to see the parentals and am now back at home. Ah, love the Christmas holidays.

Still, I have managed to do two cool things:

1) start my book club. Finally after about 6 months I have had two replies to my post on the BBC Action Network and the Letchworth young professionals book club is arranging its first meeting. Quite excited. We shall be going to the pub, so its my kind of book club (well, technically speaking, its my book club).

2) I think I am going to take my house off the market. A number of reasons, largely the lack of time or inclination to find somewhere else to live. Plus the fact that I really do love my little house and I really will have to move somewhere not as nice if I go to London. I reckon that installing a power shower will keep me happy for a good while, and I am so busy this year with holidays and Ghana and the like that its best to wait a year and think about selling again next December.

So thats it. The house decision may yet be reversed (I am not telling my estate agent until I am back at work and have pondered it a little longer while commuting etc). But rather a productive lazy day methinks!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I love history

So, for no reason at all (apart from the fact I like history) I googled Wearmouth. Haven't done it for a while.

Its much easier to follow the history of my dad's side of the family, because googling Smith is a bit of a needle in a haystack task.

Anyway, ended up reading a little more about the Wearmouth colliery. Interesting, and sad, stuff (no, my family never seem to have owned it, or even managed anything there - although I imagine they lugged coal at some points). But then I got to the end, and have just found out that the site of the Wearmouth colliery now houses the Stadium of Light, Sunderland FC's stadium.

How coool? I remember watching the 6 o clock news when they shut the colliery. I was 13. But I never knew what they did with it!!

Did you know...?

That in Germany it is illegal to name your child Judas.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ho ho ho!


Oooh just realised!! I haven't told you all yet!!

I have been promoted to Programme Director!! Woohoooo!!!!!

Its what I have always wanted since I started in PR, because after that you tend to move away from the clients (which will be fine in time, but this is what I want now).

Top tip!

Do not try to eat your dinner while watching an autopsy on the London Whale on telly. Yuk.

Even the tastiest pasta, tomato and basil sauce with crumbled goats cheese cannot survive that kind of sabotage!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Too tired. Urgh

Monday, December 11, 2006

Minature disasters and minor catastrophes

I just drove on the wrong side of the road. And only realised after 5 seconds.

I think I must be tired.

Still, on the brightside my mum has just confirmed that porridge oats are the same things as rolled oats, so I shall make biscuits. :-)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Todays news...

I am going to get laser eye treatment in the new year. How cool!! :-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another Oz picture

In case you were in any doubt about how gorgeous Dunsborough is :-)

Pondering cheese

So, just how healthy is a salad that is purely there as a vehicle for warm goats cheese?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh and...

I am LOVING this weather.

Big winds and rain at 7am (which blew over my bins, and a tree down my road). But 7am on a Sunday I am still cosy in bed.

Sunny and really cold when I went to the gym. The day the word "crisp" was invented for.

And all the leaves are already gone (well, most of them) so no soggy leaves around.

And now, at 4.30, I have already drawn my curtains because its dark, and the heating is thundering away, and I feel all safe inside.

Welcome Christmas!

I have just realised that in Australia, November's soundtrack is not endless Christmas songs. In fact I didn't hear any. Which made the Christmas songs in the gym this morning an aural delight.

Shame they didn't play Wizzard or Slade! (if you want to voice your thoughts on the best Christmas song ever, check out the latest chain on Favourite Things ( .....

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Camera pants

Home! :-)

And as a traditional British welcome, I got rained on as we arrived at Heathrow at 5am. Its great to be home ;-)

Humungous pile of washing in the middle of my lounge floor... and just got paid a visit by senile neighbour telling me off for not telling him I was going on holiday. Whoops!

Anyway, less good news is that I have downloaded my photos from my bargainous camera... and have worked out why the camera was bargainous. Rather disappointed by the shittiness when zoomed. Ah well, they are only memory prompts, and some are still good. Still, taking the camera back for a refund today.

Here is a piccy for your indulgence....

12.15pm addition - just posted nasty review on camera to Amazon. Feeling much better.

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