Sunday, January 07, 2007

Turning the world to liquid

Yesterday I bought a liquidiser. And lots of fruit. And for the last 18 hours my obsessional thoughts have all been around what would make nice smoothies. Fruit combinations that would halt the world in its tracks.

Last night I had strawberry, blackberry with a dash of apple and raspberry juice to make it more runny.

This morning I had apple and pomegranate (and am now covered in spatterings of red juice!)

Tonight I might try mango and orange with a dash of lemon juice.

And I am thinking pomegranate would probably go well with orange too.

Apple and blackberry - of course.


The possibilities are endless (and suggestions gratefully received). You will notice the lack of the usual smoothie favourite, the banana, in any of my attempts. That is because bananas are the devils food. Yuk.


H said...

Bananas are gorgeous! Not in liquid form though. Talking about liquidising... Click: BBC news.

Emily Wearmouth said...

Ew! :-)

THAT is not going in my liquidiser. Obviously an aquired, artistic taste.

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