Monday, March 12, 2007

Year in lieu

As I was walking home this evening, pondering on the 30th birthday bash I missed during 3GSM, I miscalculated my age. For the briefest of seconds I thought I was a year younger. Seconds later I realised I had already had the birthday I was planning for, and I was actually a year old.

Panic set in. Where had my year gone? In that miniscule moment I had become attached to the year. I had plans for it ... and now it was gone.

As I thought on it some more, on my trudge down Icknield Way I realised exactly where it had gone and I didn't like it.

Work, mental exhaustion, moving to the sticks... and the N word.

No has become an addiction. I am a master of the social excuse. A genius fun-avoider.

But as I thought on the year I had lost through a moments bad maths I got angry, and I made myself a promise.

I hereby pledge to claim back my year, in lieu.

Henceforth (legal speak because this IS a legally binding document with self), I shall go to the party when I am tired. I will go on to another pub when I know it will mean the slow train home. I will socialise with the person I don't think I like (I might, you never know!) and I will leave my desk when my friends await (and my clients have probably gone themselves).

I calculate that I lost at least a night out a week, if not more, and this will form the basis of my claim.

I will reclaim that night every week - for the next year. I will go out one night more than I think I should ... until scores are settled. If my 25th year has been lost to boring stuff, my 26th will more than make up for it. Literally.

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Rob said...

When you said the N word, I thought of something completely different, and far more offensive. I blame the recent South Park episode.

Have a great year, try not to wear yourself out from all that partying!

PS You don't look a day over 21 ;) (apparently, flattery will get you everywhere)

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