Thursday, April 05, 2007

Don't mess

For a month now, there has been an Audi A4 parked outside my house. In my spot. Its not moved. Its wheel is at an angle that shows that its driver a) is a bad parker, and b) hasn't moved the car for months.

So on the 1st April its tax ran out. In true good citizen (and slightly annoyed resident) style I called the police to enquire whether the number plate was reported stolen because perhaps it had been dumped (it didn't look abandoned, there was loads of kids stuff on the back seat).

The police said they would check, and if not, as the tax had run out they would report it to the council as an abandoned and illegal vehicle.

Not a clue of the conclusion.

But the car has gone.

And now I am back in my spot ;-)

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Rob said...

Thank you for making my day :)

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