Sunday, May 13, 2007

Desperately seeking....

Big Love. The Pete Heller version. I had a tape single from back in the day... but now have just the sleeve. And I want it as an MP3 for pod moments on the train. But its not on iTunes!



Rob said...

I only have a 128kbps MP3 of it, that I ripped ages ago from The Best Ibiza Anthems...Ever! If I can find the CD again I might rip a better quality version, but it's probably fine for listening on the train.

Emily Wearmouth said...


Not a music maestro so that doesn't mean a lot to me... is it listenable without thinking "yukky"?

How big is the file? Is it email-able?

Rob said...

Hehe, sorry, I forget that not everyone knows about bitrates. The answer to your first question is yes, it sounded okay on my laptop, but I could probably tell the difference if I were using my expensive headphones. The file's 3.63MB, and you should hopefully already have mail (assuming I sent it to the right email addresses).

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