Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too funny!

I just had a call with very distinctive call-centre background noises. I immediately become just a little abrupt - I am trying to work!

However the conversation that ensued was too funny not to comment:

Him: "Just calling to find out if you are happy with the service from Diamond (my car insurance company"
Me: "Yes, have had no need to have any communication with them, but quite happy"
Him: "Before we go any further I just need to ask you a couple of security questions, can you confirm the first line of your address and postcode?"
Me: "Before I give you my address please can you confirm who you are?"
Him: "Diamond"
Me: "But you called me, so you must know who I am, I have no idea who you are and don't want to give you my address."
Him: "I see your point"
Me: "You see I would ask you my own security question, but I won't know if the answer you give is right"
Him: "Well if you give me your address I will know its right because I have it on my screen"
Me: "Then you know it and I don't need to give it to you"
Me: "What are you calling for anyway?"
Him: "To check you are happy with your service"
Me: "I am"
Him: "Great, have a good day. You have been speaking to Mark"
Me: "Thanks Mark. Have a nice day too"


Rob said...

Thanks for making me laugh :)

Wimble said...

I had one of those a few years back from my bank (who shall remain nameless for security reasons ;-)

I was so hapily refusing to give them my security information, they refused to let me take the customer survey. Instead, they finally gave up and rang off. The last part of the conversation was "Goodbye Mr. Wimble".

So, they didn't believe who I was, huh?

saradarby said...

That is brilliant ;-) I bet they won't be ringing you again too soon!

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