Saturday, May 12, 2007

The trouble with Europe

It appears that being an island in Europe doesn't help attempts to collect any votes in Eurovision. Traditionally neighbours vote for one another. But if you have none (because you are surrounded by the sea...) you get no votes. UK and Ireland. Scuppered.

Well the Irish song was abysmal - but I thought ours was very Eurovision.

I guess if you don't play with the rest of the kids in the playground it doesn't help.

Maybe if Scotland gets independence they might vote for us??

What has Ireland-of-the-bad-song done for Albania?? And what has Latvia done wrong to exclude it from the Eastern Europe club? And was noone else LISTENING to the Serbian nonsense?

I am beginning to take reassurance from the knowledge that my music tastes are so different from the bulk of Europes. I liked the Georgian, German, Swedish and Hungarian songs... I quite liked ours in a naff, very embarassing way.

Ahhhh, the Irish get our humour. And are, incidentally, our neighbours. Ahem.

Wooooo!!!! Gotta love the Maltese... they aren't just good for chocolate that is lighter than ordinary chocolate.... they are good for douze points!!

When did these countries become European???

We didnt vote for Serbia. Nil points from the UK. Well done compatriots.

Yes, well. I am considering starting my own trade embargo. I shall do my best to live off a diet of Baileys and Maltesers. It will be tough, but it will make my voice heard. I encourage all loyal Brits to do similar. Oh, and Serbia's entry is, for the record, neither good nor fun. To plaigerise Sir Terry... "do we care?". Quite. Although, possibly.

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Rob said...

When did these countries become European???

I still don't know how Israel became a part of Eurovision, seeing as they're in Asia.

Sir Terry was on form tonight, he made me laugh at one point when he asked Can we not watch the commercials?

PS I like your diet :D

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