Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adventures in DIY land

For those of you not following the progress of my downstairs conveniance, look away now...
Right, how cool is this! Black floor coming on Friday so need to do another gloss coat on the skirtings one evening this week, and then I have a list of things to do over the bank hols, like tiling (which having plastered I no longer feel is beyond me), towel rail and black towels, black and white curtain... but basically I am nearly there! There is no loo seat, because its in my kitchen. Having wrested for 15 mins with a screw that needs undoing to adjust where the seat sits I have finally caved that that might be something where A Man Is Required. Ah well. Nearly all by myself.


cardinalsin said...

I'm very impressed; that is looking pretty damn fab.

By the way, how is your wormery going? I feel vaguely inspired to get one myself. Does it smell? Does it seem to be working quickly (i.e. faster than composting alone)? Can you only put vegetable matter in, or is meat etc also fair game?

Emily Wearmouth said...

Um, well... there was mould in there today, but I guess you have to give the worms time to reproduce before they can eat things quick enough.... jury is out at the moment I have to say.

Meat is fine too ... and napkins, and cheese.... eggs....

The real advantage is I don't have a compost heap, and you aren't allowed to put kitchen waste in our brown bins.

cardinalsin said...

Let us know when the jury is in ;o)

On compost heaps: you might be interested in a rotating compost bin. It's basically a bin for compost, that... rotates. Yeah. You can flip it end-over-end to cycle the compost and give it air. It smells less bad than an actual compost heap, and takes up less space.

However, I must admit that so far we have used precisely none of the compost in our bin. :o(

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