Monday, August 13, 2007

Throwing down the gauntlet

This morning I found the floor I want in my downstairs loo.... and booked them to come round and fit it. Which means I have to hurry up and finish decorating!!

Finished the plastering this morning... and put a second coat of paint on. One more coat to go (two, even three in the awkward bits I can't really be bothered with yet!)

But its looking neat!
(and in a post script... have you ever read a blog with so many photos of toilets??)


cardinalsin said...

That looks really good! Your DIY activities seem to be progressing at breakneck pace (relative to mine at any rate).

Emily Wearmouth said...

Thank you!! I am on a deadline...

It won't be touched until Saturday now... but then aim to be pretty much finished (minus a last coat of gloss paint on skirtings) by Sunday night so it should keep me out of trouble. Last coat on my afternoon off next Thursday, then floor on Friday morning :-))

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