Thursday, September 20, 2007

Airport time

Have you ever noticed that there are two speeds of time at an airport? Airport Quick Time (AQT) exists from the start of the check in queue, through security, and as long as it takes you to find some nice plane sustenance and a seat. After that, Airport Slow Time (AST) kicks in. I am currently languishing on AST in the arse end of Heathrow, surrounded by the Irish and their many children, one of whom has just been sick two inches from my shoe.

Oh, and every plane Aer Fungus has announced for the last half hour (conversion: four days in AST) has been delayed. Terrible foreboding feeling mine will be the next delay announcement.

On the bright side (ever the optimist I can find a bright side even in such proximity to vomit) I can see the planes out of the window. So that's quite cool.

1 comment:

Cardinalsin said...

I'm pretty certain the check-in queue runs to AST. Unless there's some separate, AUST (Air Ultra Slow Time) setting that applies.

Seeing planes is pretty cool, though.

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