Saturday, September 22, 2007


Flying visit to Dublin this week, in Thursday and out again Friday. I was out there with Fab Client and the whole global marketing team (including a large contingent of the Dutch-folk).

In addition to all the serious daytime stuff (highly interesting and productive, I needn't say) we spent Thursday evening on a tour of the Jameson's distillery, tasting whisky (with cranberry juice or ginger beer its rather nice!). Entertained by some authentic Irish musicians (mucho singing/shouting, clapping and table slapping) and a few dancers (the very energetic man was freshly returned from a stint at Riverdance) it was all rather fun! Client's web-man was picked to join in the dancing and it was rather remeniscent of Titanic pre-iceburg.

We then moved on to Temple Bar and a pub called o'Goggarty's (which I don't think is a real name). More dancing ensued.

I think I can now conclusively say that I am rather tough to have survived a 2.30am gin-fueled end to the evening while still being able to pull off a 42 slide presentation the next morning with a good measure of the usual Emily aplomb :-)

With the exception of Aer Fungus, a great end to the week!


sue m said...

Your reference to "o'Goggarty's" (sic) is possibly the Oliver St John Gogarty
which I have been to on many an occassion although not in a number of years now.

Emily Wearmouth said...

Hmmm could be! Had drunk too much by then to be totally sure.

Thank you for pointing out the (sic) ;-)

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