Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I can't believe the Japanese are going to kill whales again after all these years. Having seen so many mother and calf humpbacks making the migration back down to Antarctica past Sydney it distresses me to think of them being hunted.

What is so terrible is that although we saw 8 mother and calf pairs that day, humpback numbers are not even a tenth of their former levels, certainly we can't afford to begin to decimate the population again. What is the point in universities such as Macquarie spending money researching how to protect the whales while another nation merrily murders each beast that they spend hours identifying and tracking?

If you agree that Japan has a responsibility to continue to hold off hunting whales, please vocalise it. They truly are astounding animals.
(one of the whales I saw....)


willswideweb said...

Yeah - it's shocking what people will do just because something is tasty.

I was in Sainsbury's the other day and they were openly selling dead pig and cow meat. Honestly, how barbaric is that?!?

Emily Wearmouth said...

Ah... its not that I mind them EATING them... but they need to farm them first. The day pigs and cows become endangered species is the day your argument stacks up...

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