Saturday, November 17, 2007

Radio silence, PC silence

For anyone (Katy) who has spotted the irregularity of blog posts of late, I have a good excuse.

My laptop died a sad and sudden death just before I went to Australia. Luckily most of my photos are on Facebook, so its just iTunes and some half started novels that have died with the hardware.

However a girl can't survive long with just a BlackBerry and an old Nokia with WAP for her hotmail efforts, and so I am shopping for a replacement.

Having not done PCy PR for about 4 years I am now realising how behind I am on the latest and greatest in the PC marketplace. This weeks decision has been "to Mac or PC?". I am thinking Mac... but will have to stump up for Microsoft Office Mac version. It could be that additional £250 that breaks my resolve and leaves me languishing among the desolate PC users for another few years. I am soooo not relishing the prospect of Windows Vista (I am too busy to spend half my life waiting for my PC to catch up).

Can anyone send me any supportive words to help me make the right choice and go the way of the Mac?

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Cardinalsin said...

Loath as I am to assist anyone in getting a Mac (*hawk, spit*), I am told by people in the know that you can get something called "Neo Office" for the Mac for free, and it does everything Word does and allows you to read and create Word documents and has additional functionality too (e.g. PDF writing).

So I guess you could get a Mac. If you wanted to.

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