Tuesday, December 18, 2007

iCan't Player

Last week I moved into Elle's spare room in islington in an attempt to make it through the Week Of Parties(TM) with out either dying or missing the last train.

All in all it was a rather successful venture. The objectives were met and it was fun having a "roomy".

However imagine my horror when, on Sunday night, I sat down to watch my recorded episodes of Spooks (last in the series?), Fanny Hill and Cranford, only to find what little was on the tape was only there to infuriate! Fanny Hill was very funny.... Until the recording stopped 5 mins before the end. Spooks was missing entirely and Cranford also stopped 5 mins short.

Asking around whether anyone had taped them, my friend Os kindly offered me Cranford. Sorted.

He also pointed me to the BBC's iPlayer where if you are in the UK you can watch BBC programmes for 7 days after they air. Woo! I think. Woo, this will be just what a modern girl like me needs. The perfect solution for people who don't watch much TV but whose social life always seems to arrange itself around the 3 programmes we do watch.

So I settled in to watch.

15 mins into fanny hill (15 mins that I had already seen remember, you can't fast forward), it stopped. Ditto Spooks.

Tonight the 7 days availability on Spooks ends. So that's an entire series I watched without being able to see the end (no point watching tonights if there is one more episode, this series has had fabulously linked episodes so it wouldn't make sense).

Come on BBC, sort it out. One bad experience on a service like this and it takes a lot to coax someone back. Judging by the error messages I received it could just be you need to buy More server capacity.


Rob Nicholls said...

If you can't get hold of the episode(s), let me know and I'll see about burning them onto a DVD or something. I assume you must have been watching them on BBC One, in which case you missed the penultimate episode (9) and the last one of the series (10) is on tonight. I've been watching it on BBC Three, so I've had to wait two weeks for a new episode!

Emily Wearmouth said...

I missed episode 9 and 10.... any chance you could burn them?? :-)

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