Friday, January 26, 2007

Its the thought that counts??

I have got quite into a programme about growing vegetables.

No I don't think I am old before my time. My excuse is this.

a) I love watching people garden
b) its on a Friday and on a Friday in January I am so tired that I want Relaxing Television

So, if I am watching vegetables, is it excusible that I am eating a Cadbury's Creme Egg. Because I am thinking about vegetables and its the thought that counts after all....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Give it some welly!!!!

I realised this weekend that, despite owning around 40 pairs of shoes, my favourite pair of all is.... my wellies.

I wore them on a very squelchy walk across the fields behind Norton on Saturday, and I wore them on Saturday and Sunday when doing my fence thing. And I love them.

The reason I love wellies? Everything you do in them is fun and messy.

A beautiful pair of heels just can't promise you that. You might be out with clients for work. You may be on a boring date. And of course, disaster of all disasters... your feet may hurt.

With wellies none of that is an issue. Your toes are toasty because you have a second pair of thick socks on to avoid baggy welly syndrome. And you give off a serious air.

Serious DIY or gardening (or farming?)
Serious walking
Serious firework viewing
Or just serious fun seeking.

And as my experience on my walk through Norton fields proved ... in wellies there is no good reason NOT to jump in muddy puddles, or squelch satisfying on the muddiest part of the path. Even when you are 25.

The only thing my wellies are missing? Those frogs eyes that people used to have at school...


First - a quick update on the liquidiser. Despite the fact that it is PAINFULLY loud I am still eating beaucoup de mushed fruit. Orange and pomegranate right now. Its yummy.

Ok, now to the main business of the day. Today I (with the help of Daddy-darling) replaced the two fence panels that lost their battle with the gales this week.

I then (without the help of Daddy-darling) painted them icky green to match the others.

Feeling rewarded with my work (oh, and arms aching because painting on rough wood aint easy!!)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Turning the world to liquid

Yesterday I bought a liquidiser. And lots of fruit. And for the last 18 hours my obsessional thoughts have all been around what would make nice smoothies. Fruit combinations that would halt the world in its tracks.

Last night I had strawberry, blackberry with a dash of apple and raspberry juice to make it more runny.

This morning I had apple and pomegranate (and am now covered in spatterings of red juice!)

Tonight I might try mango and orange with a dash of lemon juice.

And I am thinking pomegranate would probably go well with orange too.

Apple and blackberry - of course.


The possibilities are endless (and suggestions gratefully received). You will notice the lack of the usual smoothie favourite, the banana, in any of my attempts. That is because bananas are the devils food. Yuk.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Three years

Yesterday I celebrated my three year anniversary at work.

Three years.


Thats a bloody long time.

I wasn't event at uni that long.

And actually, talking about uni, I was thinking yesterday... you may have heard, or not, of the "social networking site" Facebook. Its basically where people post mini websites about themselves, upload photos, send friends messages etc. And Facebook is really popular with students who build networks from their university. Which made me think about when I was at uni, before all this new fangled stuff. Why on earth do they need to network online??? Whats wrong with Wednesday nights at the union? Associations and societies. Randomly making friends in the library??

I didn't have time to network socially online, I was too busy having the time of my life.

It just seems sad.

(disclaimer: I am now actually a member of facebook, its somewhere to store my photos online, and this comment will be syndicated on my facebook profile... sorry if it offends!!!)

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