Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dedication - my day in pictures

Yesterday I got up at 3am... and left the house at:

I went to Milan, on quEasyJet, for a new client. My flight was cancelled, making my early start a little pointless but eventually I made it.

Good meeting.

Flight back delayed. Got in at:

.... in the morning. Note 22 hour day.

Oh, and I flew from Gatwick so driving there and back clocked up:

No wonder I am exhausted!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Look! I worked hard!

Today I did a DIY project. I haven't done one for a while (largely because on the weekend I am so exhausted that I sleep...), so I thought rather than making a dent in the long queue of Big Jobs (half started downstairs loo for example), I would do a mini-project. Shelves. Floating ones. Perfect.

Four hours and a big blister on my hand later, here are two of them. The third will have to wait until my blister goes down because I can't use a screwdriver anymore.

Anyway, feeling proud. Check out my handiwork (and my injury).

(Ok, I give up, I texted the photos to myself hours ago... will upload when they finally arrive and hotmail inevitably classes them as junk, while letting bloody CDWOW spam me daily). Grrrr.

Here they are!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Whose blog is it anyway?

The acquisition was ages ago and I have been holding out...

I use blogger... but am not a Google girl. But today I was banned from editing my blog until I opened a Google account.

Grrr.... they caught me in the end.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

London baby!

Ok, so I work there every day of the week (or so it feels), but there was something special about my day in London with my mum yesterday.

Could it have been because the parentals bought my train ticket, and paid for mum and I to get black cabs EVERYWHERE?

Could it have been because I bought two (yes, two) pairs of nine west shoes?

Could it have been the gorgeous clothes from East?

Could it have been the scrummy lunch and dinner?

Maybe the excellent Billy Elliott?

Or perhaps just spending a day (and lots of money) with my mum?

I think that was it - and I was only a stand in on her birthday treat because dad was ill. Fabulous day.

3GSM tastic!

I have returned! And it was stonking.

3GSM - the massive gathering of the mobile industry in Barcelona every February is once again behind us. 55,000 people and sooooo many parties (plus a lot of work in between). I was out with LogicaCMG this year, and had a fabulous time.

Here are some piccies.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Friendly fire

I just watched the full friendly fire tape.

I can't work out who is to blame. The video on its own makes it look like the pilots were just doing what they were told, but the analysis points the finger at them. But the speed with which they obviously genuinely were sickened by the mistake, I can't help thinking they were just the wrong end of a mistake - caused by wider neglegence within military training or communication.

The overwhelming feeling I had though was sickness.

Our young men were down there, getting fired upon, injured and killed by allies. Makes you feel really sick in your gut.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A mother's love

When you are exhausted, and just want to cry, thats when mummies step in, make a batch of onion-free lasagne for you to take home... and write you a lovely message on top.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A good team mate

For my team tomorrow....

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