Monday, March 19, 2007

Two unrelated things

1) It occured to me, when I saw the front of the Evening Standard this evening, that the media is pushing the wrong message on these stabbings. Ok, so I know that the mother of any child brutally killed is going to say their child was angelic (even mine might, at a push!), but if all the "model students" are getting stabbed - surely its safer in a gang??

Just a thought.

2) On my train home, two very masuline looking men were sitting opposite me, across the aisle from each other. After ten minutes, one takes his iPod out, leans across to the other who is on his laptop and asks "excuse me, where did you get your shoes?". Recognising my slightly surprised look he then said to me, "see, even we do it!"

Loved that.

Was slightly offended that he didn't ask about my shoes. The guy he asked DID have nice shoes, but mine were nicer ;-)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Year in lieu

As I was walking home this evening, pondering on the 30th birthday bash I missed during 3GSM, I miscalculated my age. For the briefest of seconds I thought I was a year younger. Seconds later I realised I had already had the birthday I was planning for, and I was actually a year old.

Panic set in. Where had my year gone? In that miniscule moment I had become attached to the year. I had plans for it ... and now it was gone.

As I thought on it some more, on my trudge down Icknield Way I realised exactly where it had gone and I didn't like it.

Work, mental exhaustion, moving to the sticks... and the N word.

No has become an addiction. I am a master of the social excuse. A genius fun-avoider.

But as I thought on the year I had lost through a moments bad maths I got angry, and I made myself a promise.

I hereby pledge to claim back my year, in lieu.

Henceforth (legal speak because this IS a legally binding document with self), I shall go to the party when I am tired. I will go on to another pub when I know it will mean the slow train home. I will socialise with the person I don't think I like (I might, you never know!) and I will leave my desk when my friends await (and my clients have probably gone themselves).

I calculate that I lost at least a night out a week, if not more, and this will form the basis of my claim.

I will reclaim that night every week - for the next year. I will go out one night more than I think I should ... until scores are settled. If my 25th year has been lost to boring stuff, my 26th will more than make up for it. Literally.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mundane Day

Today I had a big to do list of little jobs ... and did it all!

Feeling rather smug.

Here is the third shelf.... (and no blister this time! I must be toughening up!)

I am also having to fortify my house against what is becoming a regular intruder. So powerful is this rogue squatter that he has actually broken my locked cat flap to get in while I am sleeping. Here is my barracade. I think its unbeatable .

...will try to do something more exciting with my life before I post again.... sorry!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!

Whoops, in classic Emily style, on Tuesday I forgot another birthday.

This time it wasn't my brothers-in-law (sorry, I know I am poo at your birthdays!)

It wasn't my pal in Canada...

It wasn't even Marc (that was a couple of weeks ago)...

Nope, it was my blog.

One year old last Tuesday!!! Wooooo!!!

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