Thursday, May 24, 2007

Darfur and Chad

Pay day is approaching, so please take the opportunity of being back in the black for a couple of weeks to make even a small donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee's Darfur and Chad appeal.

It takes about a minute at

£25 could buy plastic sheeting to shelter an entire family.
£80 could feed five critically malnourished children for a month.
£200 could buy a tap stand to provide one and a half thousand people with water – every day.

Give whatever you can, but please don't ignore this appeal... these people have been suffering for far too long.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Going dutch...

Jeremy Clarkson just told me the world's tallest nation is Holland. Yummy.

Elle - I would SO get my fair share on our rules!

What chinese element am I?

gURL.comI took the "Chinese Elements" quiz on

I am...

The ancient Yin-Yang scholars saw wood types as true nature lovers--could you happily do without a TV? Wood people are generally very driven, eager to be the best at whatever they do. They just need to remember not to get too frustrated if things don't turn out exactly as planned... Read more...

What chinese element are you?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rite of passage

Yesterday Elle became a homeowner. I was shocked to discover that as she didn't plan to move in for a couple of weeks (due to an unreasonable aversion to living with no furniture), she wasn't going to stay there on her first night as owner.

A little convincing from Emily and last night found us in the middle of her empty living toom surrounded by champagne, take away pizza and sleeping bags. Indoor camping - perfect!

Her flat is brilliant, and its all about location, location, location. Bizarrely when we left this morning I realised that she lives opposite the place where my sister had her hen night. Very odd.

Think the place will look even better once Connery, her Morgan, spruces up the view through the gates too ;-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too funny!

I just had a call with very distinctive call-centre background noises. I immediately become just a little abrupt - I am trying to work!

However the conversation that ensued was too funny not to comment:

Him: "Just calling to find out if you are happy with the service from Diamond (my car insurance company"
Me: "Yes, have had no need to have any communication with them, but quite happy"
Him: "Before we go any further I just need to ask you a couple of security questions, can you confirm the first line of your address and postcode?"
Me: "Before I give you my address please can you confirm who you are?"
Him: "Diamond"
Me: "But you called me, so you must know who I am, I have no idea who you are and don't want to give you my address."
Him: "I see your point"
Me: "You see I would ask you my own security question, but I won't know if the answer you give is right"
Him: "Well if you give me your address I will know its right because I have it on my screen"
Me: "Then you know it and I don't need to give it to you"
Me: "What are you calling for anyway?"
Him: "To check you are happy with your service"
Me: "I am"
Him: "Great, have a good day. You have been speaking to Mark"
Me: "Thanks Mark. Have a nice day too"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It's so cold!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sometimes something exciting has to happen

And sometimes you have to make it.


Desperately seeking....

Big Love. The Pete Heller version. I had a tape single from back in the day... but now have just the sleeve. And I want it as an MP3 for pod moments on the train. But its not on iTunes!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

The trouble with Europe

It appears that being an island in Europe doesn't help attempts to collect any votes in Eurovision. Traditionally neighbours vote for one another. But if you have none (because you are surrounded by the sea...) you get no votes. UK and Ireland. Scuppered.

Well the Irish song was abysmal - but I thought ours was very Eurovision.

I guess if you don't play with the rest of the kids in the playground it doesn't help.

Maybe if Scotland gets independence they might vote for us??

What has Ireland-of-the-bad-song done for Albania?? And what has Latvia done wrong to exclude it from the Eastern Europe club? And was noone else LISTENING to the Serbian nonsense?

I am beginning to take reassurance from the knowledge that my music tastes are so different from the bulk of Europes. I liked the Georgian, German, Swedish and Hungarian songs... I quite liked ours in a naff, very embarassing way.

Ahhhh, the Irish get our humour. And are, incidentally, our neighbours. Ahem.

Wooooo!!!! Gotta love the Maltese... they aren't just good for chocolate that is lighter than ordinary chocolate.... they are good for douze points!!

When did these countries become European???

We didnt vote for Serbia. Nil points from the UK. Well done compatriots.

Yes, well. I am considering starting my own trade embargo. I shall do my best to live off a diet of Baileys and Maltesers. It will be tough, but it will make my voice heard. I encourage all loyal Brits to do similar. Oh, and Serbia's entry is, for the record, neither good nor fun. To plaigerise Sir Terry... "do we care?". Quite. Although, possibly.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Political statement

I don't think it is democratic for there to be almost a year between the ruling party appointing a new leader and the electorate having a say.

I know we supposedly don't vote for the PM in the UK political system. We vote for MPs... but in a country where the leader behaves increasingly like a president, and personality politics mean we do vote for the PM by default its unacceptable for us to have a leader imposed upon us over the next few weeks. We will be stuck with him until next spring at the earliest.

To add insult to injury he is Scottish, at a time when the prospect of Scotland voting for independence is very real.

We need a general election in the autumn - as a matter of priority. Before that man can do too much damage.

In the meantime, how amusing would it be if Scotland declared independence and made him, a Scottish MP in London, redundant. Would that get rid of him?

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