Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday signs about me

I got 9 cards for my birthday (thank you people!) :-)

They were:

1 cake one
1 cosmopolitan cocktail one
1 flowers one
3 with shoes on
2 with handbags on
1 with shoes AND handbags on
...and one that said "Yes I could give up chocolate... but I'm not a quitter".

What does all this say about me???

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Family wanted

I just watched Nicky Campbell doing his "who do you think you are" family history tracing thing. The twist is that he is adopted and he was tracing his adoptive father's line.

Overall no more or less interesting than the usual Who Do You Think You Are, which I guess is the point.

What was noteworthy (and heart-wrenching) was the appeal at the end for three children, William, Bobby and Ben. Three little brothers from the Welsh valleys looking for a home. Its all part of the BBC's Family Wanted season, which although I hadn't heard of it before I have very quickly guessed is about adoption and fostering.

The appeal made me wonder. Is the privacy of these boys being jeopardised by them being featured on a film, or are they just getting another opportunity to find their perfect family?

My initial strongest feeling was the former. Aged 2, Ben can have no control over appearing on the film, and the social workers who are advertising them in such a way are taking too big a decision with their temporary guardian "parental" control.

Having watched the whole five minute appeal... and cried a little (I want them!!) I have changed my mind. Why should 21st century sensibilities make such advertising of little souls looking for love into a bad thing? There is nothing wrong or shameful about being a child looking for a home, so what is so negative about letting the world know that these kids are in that situation.

If they find a home, and if it gets rid of any remaining stigmas attached to children in foster care, fabulous.

My last word on it is this. Whoever takes those three on will have their hands full. That Bobby has the same naughty grin I recognise from my sister. Fun times ahead :-) Good luck boys!! I hope you find a loving home.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Proof that I have reasons to be cheerful:

1) I just got back from a fabulous weekend in Madrid. Drinking, dancing, the sun, topless bus tour...

2) I now have a week off to mooch around my house, be lazy and treat myself (shop, massage, haircut etc...)

3) I then head to Tobago for a week. Say no more.

4) I have a date with the car mechanic from the garage two doors down. Yes a random one I know... but I am only up to point four here and don't want to run out!!

5) My fridge is stocked with my favourite things (including goats cheese, mushrooms, tomato and spinach so I shall make a stupendous pasta for tea)

6) I just woke up from a nap in the sun

7) I am about to go back out there with my freshly laundered fleece blanket to snooze some more

8) My last two days have been so nicely quiet that I didn't realise that I have almost losy my voice until I tried to thank the shop assistant this afternoon

Ah... who needs an even number... I am cheerful because.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ode to my choc ice

You’re terribly small, and so very square,
Take you from the freezer and sit in my chair,
Peel back the wrapper, bite in with a crunch,
I shouldn’t really, after leftover Chinese for lunch.

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