Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Now, is it rude to lean over to a fellow commuter and offer to demonstrate how to turn off the beep on her phone keypad?

Is it ruder than accidentally karate chopping the phone from her hand? Accidentally you understand...

Monday, September 24, 2007


Isn't it unfortunate that the Blue Tongue Disease cow shares her name with the government's Chief Vetinary Officer?

Unfortunate but very amusing ;-)

Customer service?

I had a rather amusing encounter with Three Valleys Water today.

I called them up because my pal Caroline from book club mentioned she got a single occupancy discount on her water. Having tried and failed twice to get a meter fitted (their pipes are too old and serve too many houses at kerbside) I thought Yay!

So I called Three Valleys, to politely ask about the discount. One moment please, said the friendly man, and trotted off (I imagine) to ask. Back he comes, and cheerfully explains that yes, indeed they do have a single occupancy discount, but you need a meter to apply.

Small pause, while I try to supress genuine giggle attack.

But, Mr Nice Man, I explain; if I had a meter, surely it would track exactly what I am using, thus removing the need for a defined discount? Mr Nice Man replies (and I quote) "A very good argument, and well presented..." and trots back off to check again.

Upshot of his return involves lots of bizarre forms with incomprehensive names, but I think I may have won the point. He is sending me some forms which I need to fill in, that much I understood. When I asked if they could back date the discount (in for a penny, in for a pound!) he was quite certain not.

I (maintaining our cheerful exchange at a polite and chatty level) then requested the name of the industry ombudsman so I could see if maybe Three Valleys had been remiss in not ever mentioning the discount despite knowing I was single occupancy (as I told them two years ago and multiple times since re: the previous meter discussions). Its not on their bills or even mentioned in passing in the depths of their website.

So anyway, I have the number. I plan to call them - its OfWat, in case you wondered. Sounds like a Saxon village idiot to me.

But thank you Mr Nice Man, for taking my call so politely. It was all rather entertaining on a Monday morning :-)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Flying visit to Dublin this week, in Thursday and out again Friday. I was out there with Fab Client and the whole global marketing team (including a large contingent of the Dutch-folk).

In addition to all the serious daytime stuff (highly interesting and productive, I needn't say) we spent Thursday evening on a tour of the Jameson's distillery, tasting whisky (with cranberry juice or ginger beer its rather nice!). Entertained by some authentic Irish musicians (mucho singing/shouting, clapping and table slapping) and a few dancers (the very energetic man was freshly returned from a stint at Riverdance) it was all rather fun! Client's web-man was picked to join in the dancing and it was rather remeniscent of Titanic pre-iceburg.

We then moved on to Temple Bar and a pub called o'Goggarty's (which I don't think is a real name). More dancing ensued.

I think I can now conclusively say that I am rather tough to have survived a 2.30am gin-fueled end to the evening while still being able to pull off a 42 slide presentation the next morning with a good measure of the usual Emily aplomb :-)

With the exception of Aer Fungus, a great end to the week!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Airport time

Have you ever noticed that there are two speeds of time at an airport? Airport Quick Time (AQT) exists from the start of the check in queue, through security, and as long as it takes you to find some nice plane sustenance and a seat. After that, Airport Slow Time (AST) kicks in. I am currently languishing on AST in the arse end of Heathrow, surrounded by the Irish and their many children, one of whom has just been sick two inches from my shoe.

Oh, and every plane Aer Fungus has announced for the last half hour (conversion: four days in AST) has been delayed. Terrible foreboding feeling mine will be the next delay announcement.

On the bright side (ever the optimist I can find a bright side even in such proximity to vomit) I can see the planes out of the window. So that's quite cool.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Princely dreams...

I went to the Dome, sorry, the O2, this evening to see Prince.

My first time in the big tent, and Prince was awesome.

Andrew is now my all time favourite person for getting two tickets when no others were to be had across London. Not only did he get me tickets, he got me two of the best in the arena!!! 4 metres from Prince shaking his (very small) arse!!

I have to say I never realised just how good his voice is - and mid high energy guitar solo he could compete with the best.

Kirsty and I partied like it was 1999. Prince did indeed leave us satisfied (it was a close run thing, but Raspberry Beret was the last song of the last encore, for which Prince seemed to have been dragged from his bed, PJs and all!!). But my favourite song (aside from his version of a Foo Fighters song... Name escapes me) had to be Little Red Corvette sung all quiet and moody.


Love you Andrew, thank you!!!

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