Monday, October 29, 2007

Postcard from down under

G'day mate!

Its 33 degrees today, so I am hiding in an internet cafe to get out of the sun for an hour. Having a fab time in Oz... shopping, sunning, catching up with friends and drinking bizarre shooters.

Went out in a jet boat in the harbour yesterday with Kate, doing 360 degree spins and the lot. Got drenched through to our pants. Its rather tricky to breathe when you can't stop laughing and whole waves of water are smashing you around the head as you speed through the water. Fabulous!

Went to a Sydney mecca on Saturday night, Minskys at the Cremorne Hotel... saw the legendary piano man. Personal highlight? Him playing The Gambler and the entire bar of aussies singing along apparently oblivious to the fact it was the England Rugby team's anthem when they beat the aussies ;-)

Anyway, must get back into the sun!!

Wish you were here?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Paper and Pencil

My friend has just launched a new business today, an online stationary shop for all of us who love pretty notebooks, diaries, sticky notes, pens, wrapping paper and cards.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Check the Tudors!

OK, so if you know me you will know I LOVE all things historical.

You will also know I dislike people taking artistic licence to historical facts... however....

I will make an exception for The Tudors because having seen the first episode I can see I am going to be hooked. How refreshing to see a genuinely good looking King Henry. He was you know. Before he went fat and his leg started rotting....

Check out the trailer.

I am still hopeful that the next episode will make even passing reference to the fact that Henry was with Anne Boleyn's sister first, and got her pregnant (twice??) before the Howard family (that's the Boleyns) decided Anne had a better chance of progressing their ambitious plans. Or maybe it was Anne's own cunning. Who knows. One good thing - in the quick view we had of the Bolyen sisters in episode one, at least Mary was prettier than Anne. That is true, according to contemporary sources.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


No election??

How on earth is it fair that he was unelected as a leader, and he still gets to be the one to decide whether we get to vote for him for the next few years??

I shall henceforth refer to him as our Undemocratic Leader. That is, until HE deems it appropriate for us to get to either select or reject him democratically. Ridiculous.

Good thing we beat the Aussies, otherwise it would be a right royal miserable Saturday.

It seems I am not finished ranting. How dare HE choose that he wants to show that the financial fiasco, foot and mouth furore, and all the other faffs he has badly managed are not the only strings to his bow.

And what is with his hanging jaw?? Bloody annoying.

Fact is, he knows that he would lose. Which means he knows the public don't want him. He has a lot of gaul. Well, he may get to decide the timescale, but we will have our day. And I just hope the forgetful electorate remember this.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I am ill. And tired. Sorry, not feeling conversational...

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