Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things I achieved today

Today I became an auntie for the third time to another beautiful baby girl.


I can't count that?

I didn't do any work? Well true. I slept through it apparently. But that doesn't stop me being an auntie again. And having got the hang of getting small t shirts over disproportionately sized heads I am much less intimidated this time around. That, and the fact I am now an expert poo avoider.

Ok, so I can't count that.

Erm... I crunched some numbers for the boss.



Well now I am off to see if I can help the Letchworth Boo club win a pub quiz.

The day isn't over yet!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


I am going to say something rather contraversial....


It seems to be the fashion to moan about Christmas. I even heard Dick (or Dom?) on Radio one complaining that it was a waste of money yesterday.
But how can spending a lovely day with your family ever be a waste of money? The christmas songs (Slade, Wizzard, the Pogues) are a treat every year. Mince pies. Sausages in bacon. Crisp mornings. The smell of the Christmas tree. Sparkly dresses. A week off work.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I can't believe the Japanese are going to kill whales again after all these years. Having seen so many mother and calf humpbacks making the migration back down to Antarctica past Sydney it distresses me to think of them being hunted.

What is so terrible is that although we saw 8 mother and calf pairs that day, humpback numbers are not even a tenth of their former levels, certainly we can't afford to begin to decimate the population again. What is the point in universities such as Macquarie spending money researching how to protect the whales while another nation merrily murders each beast that they spend hours identifying and tracking?

If you agree that Japan has a responsibility to continue to hold off hunting whales, please vocalise it. They truly are astounding animals.
(one of the whales I saw....)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spending money like water?

Or some such analogy...

Today I got a letter from Three Valleys Water, saying that yes, I am eligible for a massive discount on my water (without needing a meter).

They have never told me the discount exists, I found out through a friend (thanks Caroline!) However they took my complaint on board with my application and have backdated the discount by a year. A cheque for £58 is in the post, along with a revised bill for 2007.

I am soooooo chuffed!! And wanted to post about this in case anyone else in a single occupancy home is miffed at having to pay flat-rates on their unmetered property. Call 'em!!

Radio silence, PC silence

For anyone (Katy) who has spotted the irregularity of blog posts of late, I have a good excuse.

My laptop died a sad and sudden death just before I went to Australia. Luckily most of my photos are on Facebook, so its just iTunes and some half started novels that have died with the hardware.

However a girl can't survive long with just a BlackBerry and an old Nokia with WAP for her hotmail efforts, and so I am shopping for a replacement.

Having not done PCy PR for about 4 years I am now realising how behind I am on the latest and greatest in the PC marketplace. This weeks decision has been "to Mac or PC?". I am thinking Mac... but will have to stump up for Microsoft Office Mac version. It could be that additional £250 that breaks my resolve and leaves me languishing among the desolate PC users for another few years. I am soooo not relishing the prospect of Windows Vista (I am too busy to spend half my life waiting for my PC to catch up).

Can anyone send me any supportive words to help me make the right choice and go the way of the Mac?

Friday, November 16, 2007


Never let it be said I am not a charitable soul... But I can't let this evenings TV go unmentioned.

I can't help thinking that if the "stars" who appeared on children in need just donated some money, rather than their time, we would be saved an evening of bad telly.

I am more than happy to go without bbc1 for the evening, and the radio stuff wasn't too bad. But fat men dressed in womens clothing, greying men holding up a cheque in their best grey suit, the most activity community centres see all year? Urgh.

And the children in need "special" QI on bbc2 tonight. Painful. QI is a comedy programme. But somehow when children in need gets its hands on it its just crude and unfunny.

All in all I think I shall just go to bed and leave darling Terry to it.

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