Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Everybody needs good neighbours...

I was woken up at 4am by some very bizarre thumps. They sounded very like DIY but were coming from the empty house next door.

As the thumps persisted I became increasingly awake so eventually I peeked out of my bedroom window.

And what did I see dear reader??? A van, being gradually emptied of furniture by the new tenant next door.

That's right, my new neighbour moved in at 4am.

By 4.40 I was in pain. I had to get up at 6am this morning and need more than 4.5 hours sleep to last the day, so I went downstairs and opened my door (yes, pyjamas, exciting hair and sleepy eyes). Mr Neighbour was holding a coffee table outside our doors. I said (in my best polite voice when really I wanted to hit him if only I could summon the energy to lift an arm);

"I can see you are moving in, but do you have much more to do because you have woken me up".

Ok, its not a cleverly constructed pithy statement, subtle in its forceful meaning, but it was 4.40 and this discussion was happening on the street, in my PJs with a total stranger.

His reply, dear reader, was not as apologetic as we would have liked; "this is just about it". After which he promptly turned and went into his house to bang around some more.

I didn't get back to sleep and left the house at 7am as planned.

I am now on the train, desperately tired and wondering why my road has to be more Eastenders than Neighbours.


Anonymous said...

This kind of thing really enrages me. But then, I think any kind of loud noise before 10am or after 10pm is anti-social and should be punishable by death. (I am anti-death penalty, but willing to make an exception for this.)

What is amazing is that he didn't apologise! Maybe for some reason he was forced to move at that time, but even so you'd think he'd say sorry for waking you up.

Maybe you should consider ringing scotland yard, tell them you heard a lot of noise from the flat last night, you could swear they were making a bomb in there...


Emily Wearmouth said...

I LOVE that idea.

And I am so glad that I am not overreacting on the rudeness. It IS rude. I have to live next to this man.

He better be kinder in his volume levels in future... terraced houses aren't forgiving and I had one of the tenants from that house arrested for beating his wife a year or so back. (He was, for the record, so justice was done).

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