Monday, March 31, 2008

Save water, bath AND wash your floor

Dear reader,

Something is driving me potty and I simply must share.

I love baths. Hot and deep bubbly ones. I can recline in such a bath for hours on end.

I read, I snooze, and occasionally I even wash behind my ears.

But why, you ask, is this a problem? What is driving me potty?

Its simple. Deep baths contain lots of water. Sudden movements displace afforementioned water. EVERY single bath I enjoy ends up with a mini tidal wave lapping with a great slap over the end of the bath. EVERY single bath.

It just did it just now. And it did it last night. And in all the baths before.

I know its my fault. I remember whathisface and the Eureka! story. But I want the water right up to my chin. So for the second half of my bath I switch between snoozy relaxedness and faint irritation.

Ok faint irritation isn't the same as potty.

I am somewhere between the two right now. Gah.


cardinalsin said...

"I am somewhere between the two right now. Gah."

You really shouldn't blog in the bath, you know.

Also: I am similarly afflicted with deep-bathophilia. The solution is, no sudden movements. It is possible to avoid flooding your floor if you adhere to that. Though I'm surprised your bath lets you fill it all that high for long - doesn't the overflow kick in?

Emily Wearmouth said...

I know, its terribly dangerous.

My overflow is located very high up the bath and the sploshing comes more from the wave generation than the general high water level :-)

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