Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Plan

In recent weeks I have hinted at a very exciting change coming up in my life. I have made promises of blog posts charting more than a daily commute (with which, dear reader, even you must be bored). I have all but abandonned the poor worms in their wormery and haven't lifted a paint brush for months. So what has everyone's favourite commuting, DIYing, greenie PR girl got up her sleeve?

Well today I can reveal it all.

Beloved reader I am off to Australia. To live. And work. For two years.

I haven't been able to tell because we have been working out the finer details but now I can fill you in.

It was an opportunity that my boss offered (I was certainly not planning on leaving Hotwire. Four and a half years on its still tech PR at its best, and some awesome people to boot). Its because having been bought by the Aussies in October we now have sister companies all over the place and the tech PR agency in Sydney needed a team member. And my boss thought of me.

So I am knocked right out of my comfy little cottage, cosy job and charming team and off to Sydney on June 3rd to start a new life at Kinetics.

I am so very very excited!

I have been desperately organising things like mortgage forms and chest x-rays but finally have the visa, flights, flat and job all sorted. Just got a million things left to do this end and I am off!

So hopefully more exciting posts will start shortly. Although there may be a bit more paint brush action required in my efforts to make my house rentable. Plus of course I will need to find a new home for the worms...


Jim said...

Great news its going to be fantastic congratulations. Have fun.

Almost a Lady said...

Deserter! :P

Emily Wearmouth said...

Ah I didn't hear you complaining when you were planning your Sydney holiday ;-)

Almost a Lady said...

Really it's the least you can do! ;)

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