Friday, April 11, 2008

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Quick... tidy up!! Oh nevermind where it lives - just shove it under a cushion... that's it. Now, smile!

Why? Oh sorry, I didn't explain in the panic. I have just heard from a friend at work that she has nominated me in a blog popularity contest. Yes, dearly beloveds, a popularity contest.

So two years of downloading thoughts on the world around me (indeed, thoughts on everything) are now going to be scrutinised by my colleagues!!!!

I refuse to be here when the viewings take place. Have a good peer around folks - I am heading out to my shed to tidy up out there. Shout when you leave.


Almost a Lady said...

In fairness, it was self-defence. someone has a lot to answer for...

Emily Wearmouth said...

Well he should be eliminated due to his irregularity of posts of late.

That Jesus one has got all my fellow commuters convinced I am some militant religious crank as daily I sit on train and load up Jesus on my BlackBerry.

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