Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Say it with flowers

If I was a flower I would be a yellow tulip.

This post is proof, if it were needed, that my walk to the station is looong and rather dull.

The characteristics of a yellow tulip with which I identify:

- they push through often frozen ground to establish themselves

- they grow anywhere the bulb is dropped

- they grow nicely with a little care and attention but do just as well when left alone

- they are the ultimate in independence, carrying all they need in their bulb

- they are persistent, coming back year after year

- they try to be cheery at all times, even keeping their heads up when their petals start to fall

What would you be?


Jim said...

Hibiscus because it remonds me of holidays. And holidays are generally happy. Although hibiscus is a hardy perennial so it doesn't have leaves half the year. And I am happy most of the time. So perhaps its not a good idea after all.

Emily Wearmouth said...

So the upshot of the rambling thought process there is that hibiscus are your favourite flowers, but, actually, you have very little in common? ;-)

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