Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ten tips for how to be greener today

1. Buy a wormery. The little blighters will munch through most of the things you can't recycle (kitchen waste including bones, napkins, even hair from your drain - eurgh!)
2. Check out Freecycle to find a home for the stuff you throw out which isn't good enough for eBay. Someone will even want your carpet off cuts, old videos and broken laptop .. plus they come and collect and the groups are locally run so petrol emissions aren't really an issue.
3. Re-use all your old supermarket bags until they die, then nip to Sainsbury's and buy some jute bags (or the cute ones that say Plastic Aint My Bag). Keep them in your car or near your front door at all times
4. Shop at your local market or farmers market once a week. Cheerful stall holders, cheap, fresh and often local produce, minimal packaging, what could be better?
5. Check out eco-friendly products like Ecover. My dad always told me they were rubbish, until I discovered he had never used them. Having used a lot of the range I can safely say the washing up liquid is great, the dishwasher tablets aren't, the fabric conditioner is lovely, and the washing tablets are fine for every day washes (but you might need to do every other wash with a biological if you have muddy children!)
6. Buy a water butt - or even go the whole hog and invest in one of those grey water recycling systems (your old bath and sink water is used to flush the loo).
7. Don't touch cut flowers unless they are British
8. Buy in season to save on the silly greenhouse heating for locally produced winter strawberries, or the air miles on imported winter strawberries
9. Change all your non-kitchen bins into recycling waste only. Sounds bizarre but you throw away more plastic/paper/card/tetrapak waste than anything else, plus if you keep your apple cores out of the bin you won't mind sorting through if you need to separate your recycling for your kerb collection or recycle centre trip
10. Grow your own! You will be amazed that a single courgette plant in a pot will produce just about all the 'gettes you will want to eat this summer - with no air miles and as little pesticide as you want (plus it gives you somewhere to pour the fertiliser your wormery inhabitants produce)
With the May bank holiday approaching what better time to kick off some greeny efforts? Even if you are not convinced of the benefits of recycling you will end up with tastier, healthier food and less landfill (which is ming, whether its killing the planet or not).

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Jim said...

On the point about cut flowers, its not just cut flowers that are shipped in from abroad. Quite a lot of the plants sold in plants and trees sold in centres and nurseries are imported too.

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