Thursday, May 22, 2008

The end...

Tomorrow is my last day at Hotwire. Its finally arrived and everyone keeps asking me how I feel.

I have really mixed feelings about it actually. Choosing to join Hotwire was the best decision I could have made (and the fact that I chose it because there was a hot man when I interviewed is irrelevant!)

I have had the best 4.5 years there, learnt so much, met amazing people and ultimately it has also given me my latest opportunity - going to Australia. I will be incredibly sad to say goodbye to everyone and am actually struggling to understand that I will never rock up at work there again (never say never...)

My feelings are very like those when you leave school at the end of the sixth form. You are leaving a safe place. One where you have lived, loved, learnt and grown. You are leaving friends...

... but at the same time you cannot hide just how excited and eager you are to start the next stage in your life. At the end of the sixth form that next stage is a a big scary move to a strange city, new people and university. Now its a big scary move to a strange country, new people and a new job.

I was fine last time, I am sure I will be fine again... its all the path of life after all. And Hotwire will always be in my past, and I am proud of that.

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Almost a Lady said...

You'll be more than fine: you'll be great.

Still, it'll be pretty quiet round here without you ;)

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