Monday, May 19, 2008

Inspector gadget

Last week I failed my Landlords Electric Safety Certificate. The precise quote was "your electrics are not, and never have been, compliant". Seems a hobbiest wired my house.

So, learning from the £400 quote for work that the kind man drew up I insisted my estate agent call the gas man and get the wheels in motion on the Landlords Gas Safety Certificate.

The nice gentleman turned up this morning. After passing my hob with flying colours (well it hardly needed to revise for this test, it only needed to turn on, and having turned on, only turn off when you ask it to), he moved on to my boiler.

He unscrewed something and I left him to it. About 2 minutes ago I heard him call "have you had trouble with the boiler, does it work?" Yes, I assured him, I have hot water this morning which means it was on, doing its thing, just a couple of hours ago. Despite being 19 years old, and often making Sounds Of Great Effort, my boiler is a bit of a trooper.

But sadly not today. Perhaps its just one of those examinees that gets the collywobbles when being watched too closely, but afforementioned gas man is running up and down my stairs, between the boiler and the water tank in an attempt to resuscitate the system. I think the frenzied speed of his work may have something to do with the fact the only thing that happened between the boiler working and the boiler not working was him unscrewing something...

[UPDATE - "thank god for that" he cries. It is working again. But he adds "start saving, this little boy is going to die any day". There goes another £2k.]


em's mum said...

why is that man weeing in your fridge?

Emily Wearmouth said...

Now don't be silly... the fridge door is shut. He can't possibly be weeing IN my fridge. ON my fridge - maybe.

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