Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meme: Things Emily likes to do

Reading Little Red Boat this lunchtime, Anna has a meme which looked rather fun. Basically you have to google "your name likes to" and see what you get. I did this and the second result was really rather offensive so, with edits, here is my list! (Sorry Anna for this blatant post idea theft. My brain is full of Australia and my beloved readership is beginning to complain that I am gloating too much!)

Emily likes to wander the streets without much planning - I like this one. And I like that its the first result. I would like to think this is like me but can only think of one incident where I have done this and I was slightly wound up that I didn't find enough of the little gems that other people always say they find when they wander aimlessly. I am more of a map and a brisk pace kind of a girl.

Emily likes to Move it, Move it - I do! Its true! Nothing better than a good bop

Emily likes to play dolls and also likes to dance when the music is on. Emily likes to go to the park because she enjoys going down the slide - Hmmm I don't have dolls anymore, but I like to play with my nieces and they are just like dolls for grown ups I guess. I covered the dancing already (obviously something I share with more than one namesake!) and I did enjoy my trip down the slide at Thurleigh with Lucy a couple of weeks ago. All in all this is a good match.

Emily likes to win! - hit the nail on the head... actually, is that site about me?...

Emily likes to study, debate, sing, and speed talk. In fact, she has met the world's record for speed talking. She also likes to compete in beauty pageants. ... - Ok, the beauty pageant thing is about as far from this Emily as you can get, and I would also like to suggest that the world's record for speed talking is firmly held by my sister. I put up a good fight though!

Emily likes to dress up as a fairy - Isn't it incredible how much we can be influenced by a sentence like this. My thought process on reading it... Oh I haven't done that for years (as you would expect)... well why don't I do this anymore? Can 26 year olds not dress as a fairy? I should dress like a fairy more. So I think although it wasn't true when I read it, it is now true.

Emily likes to wallow - Probably not the most glamourous or appealing fact about me, but because I think we are being quite honest today dear reader, I will confess that this is probably true

Emily likes to pretend she's a princess and talk to herself - The second part is spot on. Princess? Not liberated enough... many other things though :-)

Emily likes to eat pizza - possibly couldn't be more true.

Emily likes to pay continuous homage to music lovers everywhere for having such eclectic and interesting tastes - Er, what?

Emily likes to attend church - Apologies to God and everything, but this one isn't true... I am easily distracted and can't sing

Emily likes to read funny and scary books - Funny AND scary? As in both in one book? Not sure thats possible and surely if it were, it would ruin a perfectly good funny book. Never touch the scary stuff ... I live alone in a creaky house!

Emily likes to sing too - as mentioned above, I CAN'T but it doesn't stop me in the car :-)

Emily likes to read voraciously, write about herself in the third person, and look for esoteric meaning in 80's sitcoms - the reason I like this one is that I don't understand most of it. I agree with the first, am saying "I" so can't agree with the second and got lost on the third. All of which makes me want to add my own "Emily likes" to the Google libraries...

Emily likes words she doesn't understand

So now I have to tag people who have to carry on the meme. Off you go Elle, Dom and Jim!


Anna said...

Everybody loves pizza, pizza is amazing.

I do the first one, despite not being called Emily! In fact I've made it my aim to get lost as many times as I can in Cardiff until I know the whole city like the back of my hand. I think my boyfriend is already getting frustrated with how long it takes me to get everywhere, but I'm having a lot of fun!

Great post :)

Dom said...

Genius, I'll get right on it!

liz said...

am i the record speed talker? do i get a prize or a shield or cup or something with my name engraved on it?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your list. I was asked to Google my name with "like to" and your site came up first. I'm an Emily in Jackson, Tennessee, USA. Emily's must be a bit similar...except I do like church!

Anonymous said...

i'm also an Emily - from the uk this time, and i think Emilys must be similar! i particularly like 1 and 4!

Anonymous said...

Emily likes to snog harry

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