Thursday, June 19, 2008

Better/worse, lunchtime moments

Having only been in Sydney for two weeks so far, every day still includes some better/worse moments. In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of better/worse moments I shall explain...

I have lived in the UK all my life (barring a few months Camp America, aged 19) and so some things rarely occur to me, such as, for example, the national standard of lunch options.

Now that I have a comparison I suddenly find myself thinking very bizarre things, like;

- London bus drivers are less cheery than their Sydney counterparts
- British winter days seem light for longer
- Cadburys is ming here, due to an anti-melt ingredient. Yuk

Today I realised that Australian lunch options are massively better than in London. In London we go gaga for a pasta option to replace the usual sarnie. Pret a Manger gets away with its dull dull dull sandwiches because there isn't much better. In Sydney they have things called "Food Halls". These Meccas of the Midday Snack contain at least 15 dining options all surrounding assorting seating. I think you maybe have to be there, but seriously, so far its one of my favourite things.

I am rather enjoying these better/worse moments but I am enjoying the lunches even more!


Anonymous said...

Shame about the Cadbury's, but you don't have to look for somewhere with a chocolate run!


Anonymous said...

It is so true, particularly about the lunches and the bus drivers! When I was living in London I missed my Sydney smiley bus drivers and my wide choice of lunches! Glad you are settling into lovely Sydney well. Your posts make me homesick! All the best with, Emily B

Emily Wearmouth said...

I am sorry Em! I shall try to be more of a moaning Pom so you don't miss it so much ;-)

Katy said...

I would kill for Pret in Dubai! Lunch options here are truly useless and usually involve olives.

Missing Badabing :)

Emily Wearmouth said...

Mmmmm bada bing.

We should start a Top 50 Lunch Cities table.

So far I think we have:

1) Sydney
2) London
3) Dubai

Any more additions from anyone? :-)

Jim said...

Cairo has great Mezzah for lunch. I would rank that above London but below the Sydney food halls. There's one of those food halls opposite our offices ~100 Pacific - massive crates full of yummy salads.

Emily Wearmouth said...

1) Sydney
2) Cairo
3) London
4) Dubai

Any more for any more?

Nicole said...

Singapore - if you like Asian food (like me), it's paradise!

Emily Wearmouth said...

Higher or lower than Sydney/Cairo Nicole?

Nicole said...

Unfortunately, I haven't visited either, so can't really say...but higher than London

Emily Wearmouth said...

Gonna need proof to knock Sydney off the top spot.. will put it joint with Singapore until we find someone who has experienced both.

You could always just come visit and then provide the final word!

1) Sydney
Joint 2) Cairo and Singapore
4) London
5) Dubai

Nicole said...

I definitely will!

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