Sunday, June 22, 2008

Critter crisis

This week I encountered my first resident creepy crawly since arriving in Oz. Merrily readying myself for bed, I wandered into the kitchen to fill up a glass of water and was stopped in my tracks by a cockroach sauntering across the floor like he owned the place.

Now I have made no secret of my abject fear of creepy crawlies - mice can over run my home and I will maturely slaughter them without breaking a sweat, but a cockroach only need look in my direction and I run screaming atop nearly furniture.

So how proud I was that upon seeing the interloper I didn't shriek. Nor did I tremble or flee. No dear reader, I calmly went to the cupboard and placed a glass over the top of him/her.

With the offending critter incarcerated I calmly called through The Housemate's bedroom door to alert her to the presence of the bug.

"Did you spray it?" she asked.

"Spray it? With what? Why? Why would I spray it?? No I didn't spray it - I trapped it" I replied.

A pause, then;

"OK, well ... well done. I will deal with it in the morning. Go to bed".

Some people just don't recognise raw courage when they see it.


Felicity said...

Round of applause-well done that lady! I am impressed with your bravery.I caught quite a big spider the other day and that was a bit traumatic, but you def. get extra points x

Emily Wearmouth said...

From the master of under-glass-critter-trapping that is high praise indeed :-)

Felicity said...

Creatures attempting to sneak into my house with no intention of paying rent have good reason to fear the Pint Glass of Doom...

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