Monday, June 23, 2008

The F Word

Last week Gordon Ramsey hit Sydney. It was the Good Food show at the weekend so he was in town to speak at the show and promote various things he's got going on.

Mr Ramsey is a famous chap round these parts - the American hell's kitchen is on TV at the moment and his books are everywhere - and his visit appears to have caused a bit of a furore.

There is currently a senate hearing related to his swearing on TV, and he was heavily critised on his visit. He was jokingly handed a swear jar (a dollar in the jar everytime he swears) as a gift from the Mayor... and proceeded to drop it, and swear loudly as it shattered.

I like Gordon. Some colleagues met him through work a few years back and said he was an absolute gent. His bullying in the kitchen disgusts me though, and the language is foul. I am happy with him swearing on his own show though, and can choose not to watch it and take the guidance of it being on telly after the watershed to ensure no children see it on my watch.

But what REALLY gauls me is not him swearing on TV, its the relaxation of the use of swear words in the newspapers. Quite likely directly linked to this general acceptance of swearing in public, the newspapers are now merrily quoting people who swear (thus avoiding direct responsibility for the language) and I believe people seeking the limelight are now deliberately swearing to spice up their quote and increase the chances of inclusion. I expect to be able to hand a copy of The Guardian to an 11 year old, safe in the knowledge that it will either improve their general knowledge or just go straight over their heads. I disapprove of children being exposed to swearing (its foul language, for use by adults in adult-only environments, and it makes me cringe when I see people swear around children or, worse still, children swearing).

Do I need to start insisting that my nieces are kept indoors with no access to the world's news to avoid their exposure to the F Word?


Em's mum said...

Oh Emily! You are turning into your parents!!!


Emily Wearmouth said...

Ha ha - perhaps I was just *raised* by my parents. It should be no shock when we occasionally agree on something ;-p


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