Monday, June 30, 2008

Last day, and an apology

Today is my last day of holiday before I start work at my new company, but before I tell you about my lovely day; an apology. Last night I had arranged to catch up with my grandad in Norfolk through the magic of Skype. Caught up in the beauty of a sunset over Bondi I totally forgot. Yes dear reader, you heard right, I stood up my own grandad on the interweb. So here is a public apology because not only is my grandad cool enough to use the magic of Skype to keep up with the Family, but he is also one of my more dedicated blog readers. Grandad, I am sorry.

Now, on to the business of the day...

Sydney put on a good show for my last day of hols, 21 degrees and sunshine. After a quick trip to the post office I set off to Bondi (yes, again, I confess its charms are growing on me!!) After finishing my book on the beach I headed off for a lovely ceasar salad in a beach side cafe. Feeling adventurous I decided to take another crack at the Bondi/Bronte coastal walk. Last time (about 18 months ago) Kate and I made it only as far as Tamarama before the heat drove us into the sea. Only after our dip did we see the "no swimming, dangerous conditions" sign. Whoops!

Anyway this time I made it all the way to Bronte. Its not a massive achievement, it only takes an hour or so, but the views? Wow. Below are a couple of piccies for you.

Upshot is I am rosy from the sun, happy, relaxed and after 5 weeks holiday... am ready to get stuck in again tomorrow.

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katy said...

I remember doing that walk - it's beautiful. Distinct lack of pubs en route though!

And 21 degrees...that's not hot. 48 degrees...that's hot!!

Beautiful pics hon. Good luck as the new girl in school!!

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