Thursday, June 26, 2008

Water water everywhere...

I have never had much patience with people who say they don't like water. I mean, you are about 70% water, how can you not like it? Its flavourless, refreshing and essential to life!!

....anyway, it turns out I don't like Sydney water. Its not flavourless - it tastes kinda stale. Its yukky.

I knew I wasn't enjoying it but hadn't noticed I was actively avoiding drinking it until today when I couldn't escape the obvious signs of dehydration.

Unfortunately the other thing I don't have much patience for is bottled water - I mean how pretentious, fussy and unthrifty can you get?? But my dehydration has driven me the shops and 1.5l of bottled water later, I am feeling much better.

But there has to be another way (and I can't add Ribena to every glass of water I drink) so I also popped into a tea shop today.


Anyway, after a good half an hour sniffing the many infusions (aside; at 9pm! A boutique tea shop open at 9pm! How cool!) I chose a lovely one. Its a black tea and cornflower infusion and smells devine. Erin talked me through how you make it/drink it and the nice lady wrapped it in a very exciting manner.

Just home and it went down a treat. Watch this space - Emily may be a tea drinker yet!

(Post script - yes, the perceptive among you might spot my home made mug from pottery - well I couldn't just leave it in the loft after all that effort!)

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liz said...

wow! emma would be really chuffed that you took it all the way to oz with you!

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