Sunday, July 27, 2008

Le weekend in photos

I have been taking it easy this weekend, enjoying the fact that I am still alive (and a few inches slimmer!) after last weeks dramatic approach to food intake/out-take. But here are a couple of pics to share.

1) A lasagne I made on saturday night in one of my new mini lasagne dishes. While shopping for this dish I realised there is a gap in the market for a single serving lasagne dish which is handily shaped and sized to match lasagne pasta sheets. Ho hum. Anyway this little beaut (picking up the lingo out here) tasted delish, although not discernably different from the saucepan-lasagne I creatively concocted two weeks ago when missing a lasagne dish at the crucial moment.

2) Sunday (today) I went shopping in Bondi Junction (shoppers paradise). My list contained exciting homey items such as pillows, bedding, tea towels and the like. These purchases are part of the anti-homesickness plan because since being off work ill, homesickness has been circling in the back of my mind. I have a two stage plan (or a "two pronged strategy" for my PR pals) which involves making my new home homier and keeping busy. Hence the tea-towels, and the shopping (oh, and the flap jacks I just made my colleagues....). Anyway, on my way home the sky turned black, hiding the sun away, and as I walked into the apartment the heavens opened with a flash and a burp. Sydney does thunderstorms rather well I think and this snap shows the view out of our french windows across the harbour - check out the double rainbow! It looked even brighter in real life. Ooooh just saw fork lightening too!

I am writing this mini post in the dark while my housemate naps on the sofa in front of the AFL game (Melbourne vs someone). If you hadn't already noticed that the rules could only have been invented by a nation which defies gravity by essentially living upside down, the following quote from the commentator would have given it away. In what other nation would he get away with saying this and keeping a straight face!?

"They are a bit like Paris Hilton at the moment. They seem to be able to play with anyone..."

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cardinalsin said...

Awesome optical illusion of lighter sky on the right in that photo :o)

Sorry to hear you've been ill, and glad you're back in action.

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